Opus Resources for Rang 6 | Lessons 9 - 17:

00000001 (Sound file)

1st dail 1919 (Image)

00000002 (Sound file)

80x80_2a (Image)

1853p2 (Image)

1916 map large (Image)

1916 map left (Image)

1916 (Image)

1916map thumb (Image)

atmos12 (Sound file)

binoculars (Image - GIF)

binoculars (Image - WMF)

Biography of Michael Collins text only (Word Document)

Biography of Michael Collins (Text only)

bustwoodfield (Image)

clonakilty (Image)

collins2 (Image)

dev & griffith (Image)

filmphoto 1 (Image)

filmphoto 2 (Image)

filmphoto 3 (Image)

filmphoto 4 (Image)

filmphoto 5 (Image)

filmphoto 6 (Image)

formerschool (Image)

generalpostoffice (Image)

gpoffice with british troops (Image)

griffith'sfuneral (Image)

Hand-I (Cursor)

harryboland mc dev (Image)

kitty kiernan (Image)

Kitty (Image)

letters (Image - Gif)

letters (Image - WMF)

magnify (Cursor)

mcollinstrans (Image)

michaelcollins (Video Clip)

michaelcollins (Image)

michaelcollinshome (Image)

MichaelCollinswebpage (webpage)

Mick (Image)

oldschool (Image)

parchment background (Image)

pearsestreet (Image)

relations (Image)

slievnamon (Image)

world (Image)




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