Confirmation and First Holy Communion

SnB Clonakilty

Confirmation and First Holy Communion

News! Confirmation and Communion Confirmed – see below

First Holy Communion (second class 2020) is due to be held on October 3rd @ 1.30 pm.

First Holy Communion (second class 2021) is due to be held in May 2022.

Confirmation: for Rang 5 (2020) and Rang 6 (2020) is due to be held on the 19th of September, Rang 5 and Rang 6 both now @ 1.30 p.m.This refers to last year’s classes.

Maximum of eight people per family – (this includes the child who is making Confirmation and Communion.

Children who were baptised outside of the parish of Clonakilty will have to send in a copy of their Baptismal Certificate (unless you have already done so). Please send in this certificate as soon as you can. Children in other classes who have not sent in their Baptismal Certificate can do so at any time – it will be photocopied and the original returned immediately. For children in Junior Infants it is the ideal opportunity to locate and send in your Baptismal Certificate – we won’t have to ask for it ever again.